Established in New York City in 1996, CDR Studio is a multidisciplinary architecture practice with an emphasis on pragmatic research and building realization. CDR Studio's portfolio is a manifestation of the processes of collaboration and consideration of the unique qualities and constraints of each project. CDR Studio uses evolving technology to create unique works of architecture while incorporating environmentally sound principles.

A spirit of collaboration is the bedrock of CDR Studio’s design and project-management processes. Partners play an integral role in every step of project development and progress. Guided by ongoing dialogue with clients, consultants, artists and craftspeople, we are committed to the discovery of our clients' core challenges and goals. Immediate or "signature" solutions are avoided in favor of consensus-building throughout the execution of the design.

We do not specialize in one type of market or building. Our body of work includes institutional, educational, commercial and residential projects, as well as furniture design and urban planning. Our scope of work begins at a project’s conception; sounding out ideas; through the project’s completion of construction, with an eye on the post-occupancy issues of the building itself.

CDR Studio embraces the procedural aspects of architectural practice. It is the vigilant and rigorous budget tracking, community protocol, consultant coordination, contractual adherence and construction problem-solving that define architectural quality.

CDR Studio Architects has won more than a dozen AIA awards, as well as awards from other industry organizations, and was selected as one of the 24 original small firms in the NYC Department of Design and Construction’s “Design for Excellence” initiative. CDR Studio has been featured in numerous design journals and publications.